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At Metal Fabrication Guys, sheet metal fabrication works will be carried out in an effortless manner. Metal rolling will be done with sophisticated machines so that high quality products will be rolled out from the plant. It is possible to achieve mass production with the help of skilled artisans and robust machines. Steel as well as Aluminum based products will be prepared at affordable price. You can call us at 800-531-7305 to know more about different kinds of sheet metal fabrication jobs undertaken by us.


Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

At Metal Fabrication Guys, very high standards are maintained so that the products will last for a lifetime. There will not be any issues when you go for highly sophisticated sheet metal fabrication services. Metal cutting, forming and shaping will be done with the help of skilled professionals. Through laser configurations, intricate and complex designs are delivered as per your needs.


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Sheet metal fabrication will be done in an efficient manner with the help of right kind of tools and machinery. You will get value for money products in an effortless manner. Different kinds of materials including aluminum, ferrous metals, heavy plate, non-ferrous metals, stainless steel, steel and thin metals will be used to shape products of your choice.

Call us now at 800-531-7305 to know more about different kinds of services offered by us.

Metal Fabrication

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The Metal Fabrication Guys offer best technical and customer support. It is possible to prepare various kinds of objects including Cyclones, Tanks, Cylinders, Tapered Chutes and Ducts, Arcs, Handrails, Rolled Angle, Rolled Beams, Rectangular to Round, Multiple Bends, Sheet Metal, Heavy plate, Tubs, Elbows and Ductwork through our efficient services.

Metal Fabrication Guys sheet metal services

If you are looking for high quality sheet metal fabrication works, you can contact Metal Fabrication Guys at 800-531-7305. AWS D1.1 Certified and In-house CWI industry standards will be maintained in efficient manner. We deal with different file formats including AutoCAD, 2D Mechanical, 3D Inventor and Radan.

Consultation and estimation services as complimentary

Consultation and estimation services are offered on complimentary basis to our customers. You can also undertake industrial planning and blasting services from us. The surface will be prepared through sand blasting and degreasing methods. The applications processes include Air Dry, Baked, Brush, Dip Roller, Spray and Textured.

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The Metal Fabrication Guys offers precision parts manufacturing with the help of CNC machines. We have trained and experienced manpower that have the capability to deliver the goods in an effortless manner. The CNC capabilities include Facing, Turning, Threading, Boring, Drilling, Counterboring, Countersinking, Reaming, Tapping, Prototype, Broaching and Honing.

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Metal Fabrication Guys offers reliable services which will let you make the most of your investment. The metal working challenges will be chased without expert team. Complex designs will be achieved through path-breaking new technologies. It is possible to get highly reliable sheet metal fabrication works with the help of proven artisans and sophisticated machines. Steel fabricating, heavy steel fabricating, material processing and composite material processing will be done as per the standards.

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